Free Quote-Food Safety Modernization Act FDA FSMA-ISO PROS #16

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Getting the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) certification should be hassle-free and cost-effective. Do not be afraid to request for a free instant quote from ISO-Pros. We don’t charge for any quote that you get from us as we believe in offering high-quality services at the most affordable price.

Many people are afraid to check out the cost of certification for their companies and businesses. That should not be the case with FSMA because it is not business as usual. It is not voluntary to comply with the FSMA standards, but a mandatory for every business in the food sector and is register with FDA to comply and get certified for it.

What is the cost of compliance and certification?

Compliance only requires a deep understanding of the seven basic rules of FSMA and all the requirements that are in place for every company or business. Training is necessary to manage the food safety plan and any preventive controls system that is in place to conform to the standards. You may only need to pay the training fees that also vary depending on the training center of your choice.

When talking about certification, the cost also varies depending on the body that you will choose for certification. Let us not talk about others as we are also an accredited body that offers FSMA certification services to all those who are involved. To begin with, we cannot accurately tell what it will cost to certify your business.

However, we have a system in place that is customed to give you a free instant quote. Here, you will fill in the boxes with the required information that is specific only to your business and then have the quote displayed to you depending on the information provided. Not that the accuracy of the quote you receive depends on how accurate the information provided is. Failing to provide us with the needed information accurately will lead to a serious revision when we finally visit the premises.


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After getting your quote, you can instantly proceed to confirm your order with us. Remember the timeline for compliance is short and you may be behind the schedule already. Don’t wait for the severe consequences for non-compliance that will affect your operation when we are here and ready to help you out.

Certification by ISO-Pros is a straightforward process and does not take much of your resources. You need to get your instant quote to believe this. Once your service request is received, you can be sure of timely response as we are ever ready to conduct an audit needed to verify the conformity to the FSMA standards before a certificate is issued. It is as simple as that – place an order or certification application and get certified.


Who do we serve you?


You will be served by experienced auditors who are just very good at the job that they do. With over 30 years of experience, you can be sure that your organization will get the much-needed FSMA certification.